13 August 2021: A Flood of Revised Products

There are 19 books currently in the pipeline. It is a veritable flood of revised products, and they will be released as the Director’s Cut editions. Because this initiative can be a bit overwhelming, they will be released in 5 waves with 3 to 5 books per wave.

The first wave will be:

Here’s some important information:

  • These will be revised, reformatted, and thoroughly re-edited editions, in PDF, epub, Kindle (MOBI) and hardcover formats.
  • If you own the current digital formats, you will get the Director’s Cut digital formats pushed as free file updates via your DriveThruRPG library.
  • The price for digital formats will be increasing. So if you don’t already own them, you can purchase them now and save.
  • Hardcover print-on-demand editions will be available at the same time as the digital release.
  • Hardcover format is A5 (bullet journal) size. Easy to use, easy to carry!

Files for the first wave books will be sent to the printer next week. After that. it’s a matter of how long it takes them to send me the proofs for approval and make any necessary corrections. While that’s happening, I will be working on the second wave.

There we go, folks. Things are moving.

A Flood of Revised Products

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