12 August 2021: DXP Isn’t What You Think

You may have seen some of the “soft rebranding” related to Dancing Lights Press. I’ve wanted a shorter name for the company since about lunchtime on Day 2. All of our socials are now @lightspress, and I’ve even secured lightspress.com to redirect here. Then there’s DXP, which is in the new logo and has been slowly appearing without explanation. DXP isn’t what you think.

While the X does look cool, I didn’t throw it in there to be edgy. The truth is ridiculously mundane: I needed a three-letter acronym to use for SKUs.

DriveThruRPG recommends using something that starts with the business name. We’ve been using DLP + 4-digit number (“DLP1234”). At the moment the SKUs are only used internally, for file names and inventory sheets, and on DriveThru. In the future, however, they’ll need to be used for other things, and by other people. That required a change.

ISO-9000 doesn’t have any requirements, but they do have some suggestions. You shouldn’t use letters that can be mistaken for numbers. Lower case L can be mistaken for 1, that DLP had to go. The obvious options were to use the first three letters (DAN) or to omit the L (DP). Neither felt right.

The letter X is often used as a filler in these cases. Companies that have a letter that looks like a number sometimes replace it with X. So DLP becomes DXP. That is literally the reason for the change.

DXP Isn’t What You Think

The full official name of the company remains Dancing Lights Press. Using “lightspress” for social media is a way around character limitations. DXP is a nickname, like referring to the Coca-Cola Company “Coke”. It gives me that short name that rolls off the tongue and looks good on a logo. But it all has to do with stock numbers.