1 August 2021: An Unlikely Scenario

It’s August, which means it’s time for another round of #RPGaDAY. While I have participated in the past, it never feels like a community event to me. I still remember the old RPGBA, and blog carnivals that had dozens of participants writing lengthy, well-thought-out post. Now it’s just a bunch of unaffiliated people doing their own thing, but using the same prompts. It’s mostly off-the-cuff tweets, with a few posts and a fair amount of vlogs and videos. So doing it this year seems like an unlikely scenario. Which is part of the reason I’m doing it.

Let me be honest here. I’m already committed to blogging daily when I am able, or as frequently as possible when I’m not. I want to be more open about works in progress. It’s important to share my philosophy of game design and small press publishing. My sincere hope is to try and build something resembling community with my readers, which starts with me being communicative.

Doing RPGaDay means rearranging some of the things I was already planning to write about so they fit the prompts. It means adding a hashtag that might get a post seen. This could be an opportunity to put something I’m already doing in front of a new audience. That’s an unlikely scenario I’m comfortable with.