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Where Find Dancing Lights Press: May 2020

Dancing Lights Press

The end of this month marks the fourth anniversary of Dancing Lights Press. Today, the first of May 2020, I am taking steps to be more communicative and engage more actively with the community. My first goal is to blog regularly. I want to let you know about what’s in the pipeline. Maybe open up some discussion about upcoming games and works in progress. I notoriously suck at this, so please bear with me. And feel free to offer any constructive advice you have.

Where Find Dancing Lights Press: May 2020

The place to find absolutely everything that’s currently available is DriveThruRPG. If you’re opted-in to receive emails, I send out a newsletter that announces new releases, offers discount codes, and dispenses occasional bits of philosophy and advice.

Recently I’ve added select digital titles to Gumroad. It’s an experiment. I’m planning to expand into more non-tabletop roleplaying content, particularly zines, and Gumroad looks like a good place to sell them.

Dancing Lights Press has a Twitter account, and I need to do more with it. Please feel free to engage with me. Let me know what you’d like to see me use that account for. There’s also an Instagram account, which also needs some love.

Forget about YouTube or podcasts for now. I have a great face for radio and an even better voice for mime. A blog is as far as I’m comfortable going in terms of moving out “introverted hermit” mode. Small steps.