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New Release: MOLOCH – A Setting for DoubleZero


Conspiracy and Political Intrigue Ripped from Tomorrow’s News

In MOLOCH, players characters are members of an underground resistance movement fighting the machinations of a secret occult conspiracy determined to rule the world. Named for the folkloric metal that can harm malevolent supernatural creatures, the Cold Iron movement fights to wrest control of factual reality from those attempting to replace it with lies, disinformation, and propaganda.

In the 21st century MOLOCH a mystery cult comprised of privileged and wealthy individuals. Feeding upon human suffering, they seek to remake the world in their own image. The cult’s leaders view themselves as absolute monarchs, with the rest of humanity no more than servants, serfs and slaves at best. To further their own ends they control corporations, media outlets, and entire political parties.

This tabletop roleplaying setting explores the themes of compassion versus greed, selflessness versus selfishness, and critical thinking versus blind populism. It asks what constitutes good and evil in this modern era of divisiveness, falsehood, and social upheaval.

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About DoubleZero

DoubleZero is a percentile based, skill-driven modern action thriller tabletop roleplaying game. All manner of suspense and intrigue are possible. This sourcebook requires the use of the DoubleZero Core Book.

About the Setting

A version of this setting was previously published under the title Revelations in Cold Iron. Aside from the game system, there are other fundamental differences. That game takes a dark urban fantasy approach, where magic exists. This version leans into the political thriller aspect and is grounded in the real world, as befits the DoubleZero system.

For ease of reference, this book is divided into seven sections:

Believe What You Read

This section covers the premise of MOLOCH and the concept of tabletop roleplaying. Come back here if you need a refresher or to know where to start.

A World of Conspiracies

This section has useful background information on the setting. Its purpose is to help the guide in conveying important ideas, and to walk the players through important background information.

The Cold Iron Movement

Ready-to-play player characters created for this setting can be found here. There’s also information on how to customize those characters, if you want to play something a little different.

The Cult of MOLOCH

In this section you’ll learn about the setting’s main antagonists, how they operate, and what they want. Enemies that create ongoing problems for the player characters are detailed here as well.

Rules Changes

New rules and changes from the core book. This includes new professions, additional skills and concentrations, mechanics for pandemics, and how the setting’s magic system should be handled.


An expanded selection of weapons, vehicles, and other gear available within the setting. This includes equipment used by militarized police, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Allies and Enemies

Full statistics for characters described in the Cold Iron and chapters. This includes Novice, Standard, and Veteran characters, as well as a selection of supporting characters.

Download your copy of MOLOCH now!