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Please Support Indie Creators and Performers

On Friday I posted an important update asking people to please support indie creators within the tabletop roleplaying community. It’s normally a side hustle or a hobby for a lot of those folks, sure. But when their day jobs have been shut down, or they need to self-quarantine, and they have no idea how they’re going to pay their bills, the ability to sell creative work is a lifeline.

Today I want to expand upon the idea, and urge you to please support a broader range of indie creators and performers impacted by this pandemic. Not just those in tabletop roleplaying that have been cut off from their day jobs. Full-time musicians, actors, comedians, and professional wrestlers have lost work due to restrictions against large public gatherings.

I have friends in bands that have had all of their gigs cancelled for the next month. Actor friends are panicking; they counted on that two-week run of a play to make rent and now the theaters are shut down. A comic acquaintance was supposed to perform at a club out of town, but they’ve cancelled anyone that has to fly to get there. Indie wrestler friends have seen their bookings vanish; they don’t make a lot to begin with wrestling in bars and bingo halls.

Please Support Indie Creators and Performers

All of these people are desperately hoping that they can get by on merchandise sales. If you’ve got a favorite indie creator or performer, I implore you to please help them out if you can. Buy a t-shirt or a CD. Pick up a pin, a key chain, or a pop socket. Order a poster or a signed 8×10 photo. Join their Patreon if they have one.

Don’t forget the rest of us, either. I know a lot of full-time creators who don’t want to support this message. They’re afraid it will negatively affect their own sales. Honestly, I worry about that too a little bit. That doesn’t mean that it’s not the right thing to do. It’s not entirely a zero-sum game.

Maybe buy one less 24-pack of toilet paper, and instead buy a Dancing Lights Press book and a t-shirt from your favorite indie wrestler. Only buy one giant bottle of hand sanitizer instead of three. Then download some of our PDFs, and also go buy an album from a struggling band that just has its tour cancelled. You’re not going out to eat, or to the movies, or to sporting events any time soon. Use that money to help the people that entertain you. If you’ve never been in this situation, you don’t realize how much every little bit helps.

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A Special Message from Dancing Lights Press


It feels inappropriate to send out the regularly scheduled “product hype” email right now. The world is officially in the throes of a pandemic. The number of cases globally continues to increase. Schools, sporting events, and theme parks have been shut down. People don’t know how they’re going to pay the bills if they need to stay home from work for two weeks or longer. There’s a lot of fear and misinformation going around, which doesn’t help things at all.

My wife Katie and I live in an international community in Jyväskylä, Finland. We came here so she could attend graduate school. It’s been a priviledge to meet people from all over the world, and to stay in touch with them after they return to their home country. We have friends in Italy, South Korea, and China, and have heard first-hand accounts of what’s going on in those places. All I can say is please, take this seriously. This isn’t “just another flu”. Follow all necessary precautions. Be safe. Stay well.

The best spin that I can try to put in this is that we now have time to catch up on reading all those RPG books and PDFs we’ve bought. We can continue to play via the numerous virtual tabletops and other tools available. It’s a good time to connect with other roleplayers on social media and forum sites. If nothing else, we can working on preparing all of those campaigns we’ve wanted to run, or make some characters just for fun.

If you’ve got any money left over after being price-gouged for toilet paper and hand sanitizer, consider buying some games from small publishers and indie designers. We still need to pay the bills, too, and a lot of self-employed creatives don’t have paid sick days or vacation time. This is going to hit the TTRPG community pretty hard over the coming weeks and months.

The GM’s Day Sale is still going on through March 15th. Other titles are always available at reasonable prices on our DriveThruRPG page. I appreciate your support, now more than ever.

Take care,

Berin Kinsman

Dancing Lights Press