Building Series

Building Series

About the Building Series

Characters! Worldbuilding! Adventures! The  Building Series is a line of bestselling creative aids for tabletop roleplayers. Each volume focuses on one aspect of roleplaying, like character development, worldbuilding, or adventure design. The books are system-agnostic, meaning they were not written for one specific set of mechanics, genre, or setting. The examples provided are high-level and generic, allowing you to adapt and apply them to the roleplaying system of your choice.

Building Series Titles

You can find the Building Series books at DriveThruRPG and Our Shop.

  • Building Characters – A toolkit for developing detailed player characters.
  • Building Worlds – A toolkit for worldbuilding and setting design.
  • Build Adventures – A toolkit for developing adventures in any genre or setting.
    • Adventure Generator 1 – A toolkit for creating 10 types of fantasy adventures.
    • Adventure Generator 2 – A toolkit for creating 10 more types of fantasy adventures.
  • Building Monsters – A toolkit for creating creatures and villains.
  • Building Theme – A toolkit for adding meaning and purpose.

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About Dancing Lights Press

Dancing Lights Press is a lo-fi publisher of tabletop roleplaying systems and system-agnostic creative aids, including the best selling Building series, the DoubleZero action thriller system, and Hippogryph, a fantasy story game system with traditional  roots. Our products embrace a minimalist aesthetic in design and presentation because roleplaying is an activity, not a collection of expensive rulebooks.