DoubleZero System

DoubleZero: There’s No Reason to Wait

There’s No Reason to Wait

If you’ve been holding off on downloading the DoubleZero Core Book or any of the sourcebooks, there’s no more reason to wait. The system has multiple 5-star ratings at DriveThruRPG and good reviews. It’s a mere handful of copies away from earning a Gold best seller medallion. At $4.99 for a core book it’s a bargain, and the bundle takes the price down from there. We’ve even addressed the one major criticism, the high difficulty for characters, with a simple new optional rule.

Introducing DoubleZero Easy Mode

Since the release of the DoubleZero Core Book, people have been asking for a mode that’s less gritty. Sometimes you just want to play something a bit more lighthearted and freewheeling, where the characters crack jokes as they succeed at tasks that defy physics. Easy Mode is meant to be used with that style of play, and more cinematic sorts of campaigns and settings.

Easy Mode is also covered by the Open Game License, so you can use Easy Mode for your own creations!

The Easy Mode PDF has been added to the Core Book files. If you’ve already purchased the Core Book, it can be downloaded from your Library.

Save 20% with the DoubleZero Bundle

The Core Book and current sourcebooks are all included in the DoubleZero Bundle. As with all bundles at DriveThruRPG, you only pay for the titles you haven’t previously purchased. That means that if you already have the Core Book and just want to pick up the sourcebooks for 20% off, you only pay for the discounted sourcebooks.

Honestly, that’s one of my favorite features of DriveThruRPG. It’s a great way to complete collections on the cheap.

Almost a Gold Best Seller

In looking at sales figures, the DoubleZero Core Book is already an Electrum best seller and is a handful of copies away from making Gold. Since I’m currently ill (not that, thankfully, but I am back in quarantine because I’m vulnerable) and probably won’t be releasing anything new for a couple of more weeks, I would LOVE to see a second wave of DoubleZero sales. It would warm my heart to see MOLOCH and Spectres of Mars hit Silver, and they’re both close to that benchmark.

Be Safe, Stay Healthy

If you’re strapped for cash right now and can’t buy anything, I get it. These are trying times for all. One of the reasons I promote the Black Box Movement and Lo-Fi Publishing (see our website for more information) is because it keeps costs low and makes tabletop roleplaying more affordable for the masses. We’re surviving right now because folks that can’t afford to drop $30 and up for a new hardcover can still scrape up $5 or less for a useful and entertaining read.

What’s most important to me is that everyone is okay. Stay safe, follow the guidelines, and we’ll all get through this as quickly as possible. I want all of you to still be here when the world can finally reopen safely.

No Reason to Wait

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